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Booomerang is an online rental marketplace that connects people who have sports gear with those looking to rent sports equipment. The responsive web platform offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing users to easily list their items for rent and browse a wide selection of sports gear for their next adventure. Booomerang provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing gear that would be only used occasionally.

My role

As a co-founder of Booomerang, one of my major roles involves overseeing product strategy and product design. I collaborate closely with the development team to ensure the seamless execution of our vision, while also conducting market research and gathering user feedback to continuously improve the Booomerang platform.

Skills used

Product Design, Leadership, UX/UI Design, Product Thinking, Rapid Prototype, Figma, Usability Testing, Autonomy, Agile Methodology, Market Research


Aug 2022 - Present

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The problem

Make the sharing economy more accessible

The current consumer economy model is broken. People often purchase items they use infrequently or only once, which leads to cluttered homes, waste of resources, and environmental harm. Furthermore, traditional rental stores are often inconvenient, have limited inventory, and are expensive. This leads to lost potential income for owners of these items. Meanwhile, renters struggle to find affordable and available items to rent, and often have to travel long distances to pick up and drop off items. This is where our online rental marketplace comes in.

The goal

Booomerang aims to become the preferred platform for renting and lending various items, including sports gear, by offering a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The objective is to design and develop a user-friendly app that positions Booomerang as the leading online rental marketplace for physical goods. The platform will seamlessly connect renters and lenders, fostering sustainability, affordability, and convenience within the sharing economy.


The process

Research driven product development

The creation of Booomerang was driven by extensive research aimed at understanding marketplace dynamics and our target user needs. We conducted competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities in the rental market. User interviews and feedback sessions helped shape our understanding of user preferences, pain points, and desired features.

This research led to the development of user flows and guided our product decisions to ensure a proper user-centred design approach.

User Interview Notes
Research driven product development
User Flow
Research driven product development

Designing & ideating

Crafting a design system & brand

The design system and branding of Booomerang played a crucial role in delivering a consistent and delightful user experience. We developed a comprehensive design system that encompassed visual elements, typography, colour palette, and other UI components.

This design system ensured a cohesive and intuitive interface across the platform, reinforcing the brand identity of Booomerang as a trusted and user-friendly marketplace for renting physical goods.

Style Guide
Crafting a design system & brand
Font Family
Crafting a design system & brand

The results

From MVP to version 2

Booomerang started as a minimum viable product (MVP) and evolved through user feedback. We conducted usability tests and implemented enhancements to refine the web platform. The result is an intuitive user interface, seamless rental flow, and robust functionality. This milestone marked a significant step forward from the initial MVP.

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