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Moves Financial

Mobile Application

We set out to create a cutting-edge financial mobile application tailored specifically for "gig" workers, encompassing those employed full-time with platforms like Uber or SkipTheDishes. I conducted user interviews to gain deep insights into the pain points and aspirations of this growing workforce segment. From ideation to execution, I developed the Moves flagship application, ensuring seamless user experiences and intuitive interactions.

My role

As a Senior Product Designer at Moves, I was responsible for designing their flagship mobile application. I led the end-to-end design process, conducting user interviews to identify user needs, created the design system from scratch and collaborating closely with developers to ensure seamless implementation. Working autonomously in an ambiguous start-up setting, I navigated challenges with ownership and delivered a compelling financial app for gig workers.

Skills used

Product Design, Leadership, UX/UI Design, Interaction Design, Design System, Rapid Prototype, Figma, Usability Testing, User Flow, User Interviews, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Autonomy & Ownership


Mar 2020 - Dec 2020

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Moves Financial

The problem

How to empower gig workers

In the dynamic landscape of the gig economy, traditional financial institutions struggled to meet the specific needs of independent gig workers. These individuals lacked a comfortable financial safety net and access to tailored services to address their financial challenges.

The goal

Our objective was to develop a comprehensive solution that empowers gig workers to efficiently understand and manage their finances, track earnings, and access essential financial services. By understanding the unique needs and challenges of this growing segment, we set out to create a user-centric platform that catered to their requirements.

Moves Financial

The process

User research & persona development

Our aim was to uncover user needs and validate our value proposition. To understand the problem at hand, we conducted 52 user interviews and 19 street interviews, focusing on finding a product-market fit and identifying users' pain points. These interviews resulted in the creation of user personas, providing valuable insights into their motivations and behaviours.

User Interview Notes
User research & persona development
User Persona
User research & persona development

Designing & ideating

Ideating & iterating designs with user feedback

Through collaborative design sessions and activities like Crazy 8's and "How might we" statements, our team identified the most valuable product for gig workers: a Loan Application, which became the focal point of Moves Version 1.

After launching Moves version 1, we leveraged analytics tools like Amplitude and Google Analytics to observe usability and gathered user feedback to inform improvements for Moves Version 2.

User Flow
Ideating & iterating designs with user feedback
Ideating & iterating designs with user feedback

The results

An enhanced user experience for gig workers

We were able to design and build Moves Version 2 based on user insights and feedback. With Version 2, we enhanced the user experience and usability of the app bringing improved functionality and visual aesthetics. The data-driven approach and continuous user feedback allowed Moves Financial to provide gig workers with an exceptional user experience.

Moves Financial
Moves Financial
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