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Mobile Application

The goal of this project was to create a cutting-edge mobile application that would revolutionize how users engage in online communities and forums. Inspired by the ever-increasing demand for seamless mobile experiences and the feeling of belonging, we embarked on a journey to deliver a user-centric solution that would provide intuitive access to VerticalScope's vast range of online communities and forums.

My role

As a Senior Product Designer at VerticalScope, I played a pivotal role in the development of their brand new mobile application. From ideation and research to high-fidelity UI design and prototype, I led the entire design process. I created interactive prototypes, conducted usability testing, built and maintained the design system, and effectively communicated with stakeholders to gain their buy-in.

Skills used

Product Design, UX Design, Interaction Design, UI Design, Design System, Wireframing, Figma, Usability Testing, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Autonomy, Ideation, Agile Methodology


Feb 2021 - Dec 2021

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The problem

Need to unify online forum communities

VerticalScope has hundreds of siloed online forum communities. This created a significant challenge of maintaining and managing separate databases for each community. This fragmented approach created complexities and maintenance difficulties. Our solution was to design and develop a modern, user-friendly mobile application that would unite the vast number of forum communities under one platform.

The goal

The goal was to provide users with a seamless experience, allowing them to effortlessly join and participate in multiple forum communities without the burden of creating separate user accounts for each one. By fostering a community where individuals can engage in various discussions under a single account, we aimed to enhance user convenience and promote a sense of belonging.


The process

Understanding the user's journey & preferences

We took a user-centered design approach to our research. Our extensive research allowed us to gain deep insights into our users across various online forum communities. We aimed to understand their preferences, highlight their favourite aspects, and identify desired changes for our new mobile application. Mapping the user journey and studying different user types were integral to our design process.

User Journey
Understanding the user's journey & preferences
User Persona
Understanding the user's journey & preferences

Designing & ideating

Usability testing & iterative design

We wanted to enhance the user experience (UX) of the app through iterative testing. After designing and developing the new forum community application, I crafted a comprehensive usability test that encompassed typical user tasks.

By conducting the tests using an interactive prototype, I was able to observe where users struggled, what they liked, and what they found confusing. This feedback guided iterative UI design changes, which were validated through subsequent usability tests with a new set of participants.

User Test 1
Usability testing & iterative design
User Test 2
Usability testing & iterative design

The results

Enhanced engagement and user experience

By uniting hundreds of siloed online forum communities under a single mobile application, VerticalScope was on track to eliminate the complexities and maintenance difficulties associated with managing separate databases. The modern and user-friendly mobile application allowed users to easily join and participate in multiple forum communities using a single account, fostering a more engaged community.

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